Who We Are

Dariush Vollenweider is the brainchild behind WeddingAdvisor.com.  After recently getting married, Dariush spent most of his time reading reviews and digging for ideas for his own wedding on TripAdvisor.com.  Dariush thought “Why can’t there be a TripAdvisor for the wedding industry”?  Thus the idea of WeddingAdvisor.com was born. Dariush set out to address many of the problems he experienced going through his personal wedding process.  One of which was 90% of his hired wedding professionals were not on any type of listing or review site.  The main reason for this was pricing.  It’s a fact that over 95% of wedding businesses are small or mom and pop type of businesses and do not have large advertising budgets.  With this in mind and knowing that he had no way to locate or read reviews of his own wedding professionals, Dariush wanted to create a solution to this problem. The creation of WeddingAdvisor.com allows an easy and affordable way for wedding professionals from all walks of life a chance at maximum exposure and an opportunity to book more weddings. During the development stage of WeddingAdvisor.com, Dariush was amazed at the amount of people that had feedback when polled of what they were looking for online when planning their own wedding.  Time and time again couples answered they were looking for a central location to find wedding professionals, reviews and pricing.  Enriched with this knowledge the team at WeddingAdvisor sought out to develop a state of art website that is user friendly and up to date with all the latest wedding trends.