A Simple Wedding Planning Checklist for All Couples

Having a wedding planning checklist could be handy for most couples as it could help them to easily know the different things they need to have and to also avoid forgetting the important parts of their wedding day. A wedding is a one-time event for couples and they would surely want to make it as one of the best events out there. But, to get started, make sure that you have the basic factors included which are the following below:

# 1: Wedding Attire

One of the first things you have to consider is the dress of the bride and the suits of the groom. It generally takes more time for brides to decide on the wedding dress that they will wear so make sure that you will have at least 6 months to prepare before that special day to easily manage choosing the right wedding dress. For the suits, the groom can get this knocked out in no time. Generally speaking the groom can get fitted and get his information to all the groomsmen within two months’ time.

# 2: Wedding Rings

We all know that looking for engagement rings can be a challenge but the first thing you should do is to find the most reliable wedding rings that could fit your taste and style and of course your finger. There will surely be hundreds for you to choose from so start early.

# 3: Wedding Venue and Reception

It is important for you to consider the right venue for the wedding and the reception. You may want to choose a venue and reception that is close to one another so that you don’t need to spend lots of money for the transportation between both. Generally speaking locations that can host both the venue and reception tend to be easier on the pocket book.

# 4: Wedding Invitations, Giveaways and Others

The invitations, giveaways and others are also an important part of the wedding. That will be a form of appreciation that you should give to your guests. You can look for some unique ideas online to have more options. There is also quite a few do it yourself options out there for the handy couple that likes to be involved in their special day.

# 5: Wedding Planner

Above all, if you want the whole wedding to be planned accordingly and you do not have enough time to deal with it, then hiring a wedding planner should be an important part of your list. They can come up with their own wedding planning checklist, but the couple’s approval should seal everything. You can ask for the recommendations of other people to easily look for wedding planners that could be really reliable and trustworthy for your needs.

# 6: Wedding Date

It has been a tradition that many brides chose the month of June to get married, but there are also some other dates that you can consider depending on your own choice like your anniversary or the date you met each other.

Aside from what has been mentioned above, there may also be some other things that could be part of your own personal wedding planning checklist and you can do more researching online to have a better idea on a checklist that meets your own needs.