Outdoor wedding ideas are best, cheap ways to profess love to ‘outdoorsy’ Women

Nature can be a romantic backdrop you can use when you ask her to marry you, as long as you pick a nice sunny day. No woman wants to experience a bad hair day on what should be one of the best days of her life! Plan a hike up Pikes Peak, so you can pop the question at the top. Who says you cannot combine your rand her love of hiking with an outdoor proposal that echoes in the mountain air?


No written rule says you have to take the traditional route and propose on the ski lift, before you reach Ajax Silver Queen Gondola’s 3,267-foot vertical descent. The best outdoor wedding ideas don’t have to be the most daring. The best marriage proposal ideas do not even have to be expensive. Why not write ‘Will you marry me?’ in the snow in a meadow, where she can see it overhead from a friend’s plane? You don’t have to risk other skiers destroying the message and you could save money on uber-expensive ski lift tickets.


How to keep it on the cheap with your outdoor wedding ideas


If you are past the point of saying ‘I do’ via a surprising wedding proposal, why not discuss outdoor wedding ideas together. Brainstorming may help you both find a wedding venue that is low-cost and incorporates all your outdoor wants. For example, hold your wedding in a public park. You can pay anything to use the park and you can put the money saved towards the cake or honeymoon!


Do keep in mind outdoor wedding ideas may not be as intimate as you want. In public park, you might not be as easily to stop strangers from stepping into your photos or from taking a piece of cake! Plan for extra guests in this event, and rejoice you have great place to say ‘I Do.’


Remember, the element of surprise is one of the best ways to make one of your outdoor wedding ideas shine. Something as simple as having family members hold your ‘Dance with me forever?’ sign in the backyard or letting her read a book that tells the story of how you met, while at your favorite hilltop can be romantic.


Keep your outdoor plans to yourself before you propose!

No one wants a blabber mouth and it can be one way to ruin the best laid outdoor wedding ideas if you lose the element of surprise with your would-be bride. It also can ruin her secret that she wants to tell her friends if they already know about your outdoor wedding ideas in detail.


This is a story you and your bride will be telling a long time, so you want to keep it special for her long after you pop the question. Granted if you have already popped the question, you have time to plan the perfect outdoor wedding that incorporates your love story. You can offer guests pairs of sunglasses as wedding favors and their own can of insect repellent so your big outdoor wedding ideas turn out perfectly and aren’t plagued with mosquitos at a backyard-garden wedding.


Planning makes perfect with outdoor wedding Ideas


Do not forget that planning is at the heart of the very best outdoor wedding ideas. Get to know your lover well before you pop the question. An outdoor proposal in the most romantic spot, with an ill-chosen song or worse — a tragic event at the location you have chosen — can ruin the moment.


Keep that one of your outdoor wedding ideas special by choosing the perfect wedding song for the moment. It never hurts to profess you love with the soft sounds of Etta James, Van Morrison belting out the lines, “I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles; the heavens open every time she smiles,” and “I’m gonna love you, like nobody’s loved you!”