‘Paw-fect wedding’: Great ways you can include Fido in your wedding Day!

We are all seen them, cute photos of someone’s dog in a wedding photo. You might think your little or big dog would make a nice addition to your wedding party. Dogs are incredibly cute at time and loyal to a fault, but you might want to consider four things before you invite ‘Fido’ to be part of your wedding ceremony or the wedding photo. These wedding tips will make your wedding absolutely ‘paw-fect’ and your dog will love the attention – no matter how much he is in front of your friends and family.


What’s your dog’s temperament? As far as wedding tips go, this one is a very important one to keep in mind. You do not want what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life overshadowed by the threat of a lawsuit. Some breeds of dogs are naturally wary of strangers. For example, Dobermans may not make the best wedding guests, as they can get nervous in front of a large number of guests and may bite if approached.


How is your dog around other dogs and out in public? If your dog loves being approached and does well when standing in front of a large crowd, you might have a natural -born stage artist, who would make an awesome ‘flower girl’ or ‘best man.’


Don’t leave your dog lonely – Some dogs are very jealous when it comes to needing attention and not getting enough of the attention that they see you shower on wedding guests. Hire a good walker or a friend to keep your pooch company for the afternoon or evening – depending on when you will be saying your vows. This is one of the many wedding tips you need. After all, no one wants to see a sad dog at such a happy occasion!


Smile for the camera – Some dogs love the limelight and do not mind if you take photos. Some dogs will even pose for your wedding photographer. However, know how your dog does around your wedding party before you try to take a group photo. Some dogs do not handle a crowd of people and prefer to have your love all to themselves. Consider taking a photo with your shy dog that includes only you and the groom or a bridal shot of you with only your dog, before the ceremony. This is one of those wedding tips you that can help you produce one of the best heart-warming wedding albums.

Be flexible – Your dog might not take that instruction of where to sit was a definitive wedding tips. In all honesty, you may have to give your best friend some leeway when he wants to smell a guest’s fabulous perfume and remember your pet is enhancing your wedding ceremony by their mere presence. Some of your human friends may not be able to make the same wedding claims when it comes to these wedding tips.


If you follow these wedding tips, your wedding can be an unforgettable moment that you get to spend one of your best friends nearby, besides your husband-to-be. Your pet also knows how to provide a bit of comic relief, so it can serve as your natural ice breaker for the nerves. It’s okay to let your dogs go to your wedding if the wedding is in a pet-friendly venue and your dogs want to attend. Follow these wedding tips and your wedding day will be just ‘paw-fect’ after all!


If you are getting married, you are well on your way to discovering one of the first keys to a successful marriage is a good chemistry. What does that mean? Is it that instant spark that you feel when you first meet someone? It might be, but this is not really the true meaning of having ‘good chemistry.’ If you are getting married, you have found that chemistry. It simply means you have a connection to that person about to become your husband or wife.


Too many people confuse chemistry with having fireworks in a relationship. However, after the newness wears of, you may find you do not have much of a flame of passion for your significant other. Some many couples, when getting married, think chemistry has to do with instant attraction. Without the relationship fireworks, it does you cannot build a strong attraction, trust, and love for your bride or groom.


Don’t fall for the lie getting married that other couples have


Some couples believe chemistry is something automatically shared between two people. You have it or you don’t when you get married. The real truth, if you get married, is chemistry does not come and go. In many cases, couples must work to build great chemistry. You cannot expect to have a great wedding, when getting married, without some effort.


Forget the myth that you don’t need chemistry to build a relationship No wedding will be perfect from the start, and couples getting married must realize that truly great chemistry can take grow and strengthen over time. A relationship may thrive with attraction, but it does not mean it solely is responsible for your relationship success alone.


How do you know if you have chemistry in any relationship?


Forget having to wonder. An experienced dater can tell you this is an issue that you simply know. However, where there is true chemistry, there is no faking a definite attraction. Both a bride and a groom can relax and work on their chemistry long after the newness has worn off.


What does this mean for that ‘love at first sight’? It is possible to couples getting married to find they have a stronger chemistry or more common ground when they meet for the first time. They might even feel a stronger physical attraction, but it may not be true love in a physical sense.


There is nothing wrong with couples getting married continuing to tell their ‘love at first sight’ stories. If couples getting married believe in ‘love at first sight,’ it might help to strengthen and grow the love they already feel. It also may have positive effects for couples – motivating them to work on loving each other more through actions and words.


A true need for chemistry


Every relationship needs a certain amount of chemistry and a marriage is no exception. If it helps couples to believe in true love while they build a stronger chemistry, so be it. Charisma and energy alone won’t sustain a relationship long term.


However, dating couples and couples getting married can create great chemistry and be successful, if they work on it every day! As for ‘love at first sight,’ there may be a bit of truth in the myth because couples need a little chemistry to feel ‘love’ even at that first sighting.