Up hairdo, down hairdo: Look your best with a pro doing your wedding hair and Makeup

You want to book a professional, but there are hundreds of hits when you type “wedding hair and makeup” online. You have booked a professional six to eight months in advance, but how do you know you have found the right person for your wedding ceremony? Here are four questions to ask your professional before your wedding day.

Will you do a trial run before the wedding? – You may have a picture of the perfect hairstyle for the wedding, but pictures often are different than reality. What if your hair isn’t short enough to make that French roll work or your hair is naturally curly and the wedding hairstyle you want is not possible? You need to know before your wedding day how long will take to do your hair and makeup, so you can make last minute plans and not have to stress that getting pampered and made up is taking too long. You also want time to find a new hairstylist to do your wedding hair and makeup if it is not working with your first choice.

Do you work on location? – This fact is important to know upfront, so you do not have to stress trying to keep your hair perfect on the way to the church or in the park. Some hairstylists will fix your hair and makeup on location so that you do not have to worry about the weather outside. They will come to you, if you ask. If your stylist does not fix hair and makeup on location, you may want to consider alternatives or choice a different professional to make you look your best on your wedding day.

If I change my mind on a style, is there a re-trial fee? – Some wedding hair and makeup artists charge what is known as a re-trial fee if the bride changes her mind on a look. Others do not. It is best to ask, so you know what to expect before you get a bill.  It is possible that you may find a hairstyle look you like better than the one you initially choose – only a month before the wedding. Some hairstylists will not mind changing your hairstyle for a fee, so you can still have the up ‘do’ or down ‘do’ that you want.

 Do I need to bring my accessories to a session? – There is nothing worse for a bride than the discovery that the hair comb will not work with a certain style of veil or how you insert your tiara will mess up that fabulous hairstyle you paid for your wedding. It is also important to have your accessories so that you can see how they look with the makeup you and your wedding expert have chosen. If you bring the accessories, a wedding expert can show you how to insert your tiara or put on your veil, so your hair stays fabulous during the wedding ceremony. Most wedding professionals will be happy to do a trial run of your hair and makeup and include your veil. By doing this, you can make certain you love the hairstyle and everything really is a perfect match together. Do this a month before the wedding. Then, you do have time to change your mind if you find a wedding hairstyle that better suits the moment – provided your wedding hair and makeup artist is willing to allow you to redo the wedding hairstyle with or without an additional fee.