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Ridgefield, New Jersey, United States

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Aloha Travel

About Us: 
Aloha Travel has been an expert on Hawaii since 1983. We are "Certified Hawaii Specialists" by the Hawaii Visitors Bureau. Our Agents have traveled to Hawaii many times and at different times of the year. Plus we have experienced hands on cruises and activities. We are located in the township of Ridgefield in Northern New Jersey but we can arrange your Honeymoon to Hawaii or anywhere in the world, no matter where you are located. Our Agents are fluent in Spanish. Natasha, the owner of the company loved her Honeymoon in Hawaii so much, that she chose Hawaii as the destination of her second marriage. She has been to all the large islands and on two Hawaii cruises, seen the Kilauea Volcano by helicopter, one of the most active volcanos on earth. Natasha is available to answer any questions you may have. You can e-mail her at
Is Hawaii too expensive? No, there are prices for everyone, you can book a hotel a few blocks from the beach at very affordable rates. Local small restaurants are available in all the islands plus major fast food chains and mother nature is free which encompasses the beauty of Hawaii. What is a good time to go to Hawaii? All the time! Hawaii has beautiful weather all year long Can we rent a convertible? You can rent ANYTHING in Hawaii, convertible, 4X4 to go into the dirt roads, a Ferrari and name it! How many islands should I visit? Depends on how much time you have, we recommend 3 minimum at each island, more time can be spent in Oahu because there is so much to see. There are constant flights that last approximately 30 minutes between islands and are very economical. There are also ferries available We can also book a Hawaii cruise for which will serve as your hotel at the islands.
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