Music by Fine Arts Ensemble
New orleans, Louisiana, United States

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Music by Fine Arts Ensemble

About Us: 
Professional LIVE MUSIC services for your event. Weddings, Parties, Special occasions. Corporate events, Family reunions, Formal dinners, Proposals, Vow renewals. Indoors/Outdoors. Violin, Cello, Harp, Flute, Trumpet, Solo, Duet, Trio, String Quartet, Singer, Piano, Organ and more! Affordable and unsurpassed performance quality for every budget. We travel everywhere. Book early to reserve availability: ph: 504-931-5450
Q: Why should I hire FAE for my event? A: The musicians of Fine Arts Ensemble have been providing music for weddings and other special occasions throughout LA, MS, AL, and FL since 1996. Anyone who has attended an event where amateur, sub-standard or even student musicians were hired because the price was "great", can tell you it really is true what they say - you get what you pay for. There is no substitute for the years of experience and the high level of performance expertise our musicians provide. In addition, we have spent many years acquiring the most extensive music library of any musical group in this area, and we are very proud of the music selections we have to offer. Q: What are your fees? A: Our fees start at $200 and will depend on event location, type, length of service, number of musicians in a group and other factors. For an accurate quote, please visit our Request A Quote page or call us at (504)931-5450 today. Q: What do you require at the location? A: Each musician needs a chair. For example, if you hire group of 3 musicians, we need 3 armless chairs. If we use our own portable piano, access to AC power source within 25 ft is required. All other instruments do NOT require power. We provide our own stands and stand lights. Because of the delicate nature of our instruments, we also need sufficient space. We merely require a rectangular area of approximately 7 feet by 7 feet that will not be traversed by others during the time of performance, such as Communion traffic. Q: Will you play outdoors? A: Yes, however our instruments are very sensitive and easily damaged by moisture and sunlight. Please, make every attempt to place your musician(s) in full shade. A tent, porch, or gazebo would be great. We cannot play outside if the temperature is below 60 or over 95 or if there is rain or mist. However, in the case of inclement weather, please be assured that we will do everything in our power to play as long as we can while ensuring the safety of our instruments. Q: Do you travel for weddings and other events? A: Yes, we do travel, but there is an extra modest fee involved. Travel fee varies from location to location, depending on mileage and estimated travel time. Often, especially if your wedding or event is during off peak season, we will be happy to discount or even waive travel fee for you. Contact us for details- it's worth a try! Remember, we work with every budget. Q: How do I select music for my wedding? A: We will contact you 30 days prior to event to discuss music lineup with you. We will help you select your music by providing recommendations if needed. Be sure to visit our Audio Samples and/or Playlists links on our website. Q: Can you also play for my cocktail hour or reception? A: Yes, absolutely. After the ceremony is over, we will move to your cocktails/reception area and begin might want to have FAE play for a portion of the reception or for the entire cocktail hour. We will create that relaxed atmosphere and charming music background everyone is talking about!
Price range: 
$200 start