Frequently Asked Questions


Who can enter reviews?

Anyone can rate and leave a review under any of our categories.  If you are a bride or groom, or even a guest that just attended a wedding event, you can leave a review.  The wedding could have been recent or years ago.  We value everyone’s opinion here at

Why do I need to enter a review?

Reviews can help anyone involved with the wedding process.   People come to to read other peoples experiences.  By doing this allows them to make an informed decision when it comes to the planning of their engagement, wedding or honeymoon!

What if the person finds out that I left a bad review?

We totally understand your concerns.  Here at, we want you to be completely honest in all your reviews. If you did or did not like something, please tell us. We understand by being honest, it could hurt someone’s feelings.  Keep this in mind when creating a username.  Your username will be the only thing associated with your post and will not display your personal information.  Leaving honest opinions will only help vendors to improve the services they offer.

Can I share the site or reviews on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, you make like, share or tweet your or anyone else’s reviews on any of the integrated social media sites involved with

What if I wish to leave a review that does not pertain to any category on the site?

If you have suggestions for other categories please submit your suggestions through out contact form. We take suggestions for research that could possibly lead to the expansion of further categories within the website.

Is there any cost to signup, reply or leave a review on the website?

There is NO cost to signup, reply or leave a review on our website!  Our site is free to use.

What if I do not see the vendor I am looking for?

If you do not see the vendor you are looking for among our list of vendors and you know the name, you may submit the information to our technical team at: Our staff will reach out to the vendor and inform them that their business listing has been requested on our site.


Why should I list my business on

Many experts and industry leaders attached to all agree that you can never have your business listed too many places. The more places your business is listed the greater the potential of you landing additional customers. Notwithstanding simple exposure of your business, gives you the vendor, options that other wedding sites do not and our philosophy is a bit different than these other wedding sites. Where other sites list your business according to how much money you pay, on your business appears on the quality of work you do. Simply put, your business appears higher in the search results by the number and quality of reviews you receive, not by how much money you pay to get it there.

What do I get if I list my business on

As a vendor offers you the following features. First is your basic business listing. This listing includes your business name, location and phone number. This listing is associated with your address so if anyone is searching for a vendor in your field and searches within your area for that service, your listing will appear amongst others in your field. Other than the basic business listing, you get many, many other options to include: Gallery Pictures, Social Media Promotion, About Us Section, FAQ’s, Tip and Ideas, Wedding Packages and more. You can read more about these benefits by going to our home page and clicking on “In The Wedding Business” at the very top of the page.

Do you allow negative reviews to be listed on your site?

In short the answer is yes. We do not believe in taking negative reviews down unless there is a viable reason to do so. If someone intentionally violates our term of services or you believe you have fell victim to a “fake” review, we will initiate our review verification process. This is described more in our Terms of Service.
Here on we ask that all users give their honest opinion when leaving a review of your services. Sometimes that opinion is not the best or what we want to hear. We do give you the option as a vendor to directly reply to that review within your profile. We have seen many times that constructive criticism can do wonders for a business. Before responding to a negative review, please take a moment and gather your thoughts and be respectful to someone’s opinion. We ask that you are professional in your response to these types of reviews because they too will be viewed by others. Negative reviews should do nothing more than make you a better vendor. They may point you in a direction you didn’t realize or expose something you never knew existed. Take these reviews and build on them to improve the services you offer.