You know brides are online,
but do you know how they select their wedding vendors?
We Do!
  1. Brides start by searching for images to get ideas.
  2. Then they use search engines to find websites for specific types of vendors when they hit your website.
  3. If they like what they see, they go looking for your reviews.
Today’s brides and grooms are used to finding what they want by searching and then seeing what their peers have to say about it. They do this for everything from a cup of coffee in a new neighbourhood to finding the best deal on the perfect hotel when they travel. Why would you expect them to do anything differently when making choices for one of the most important ( and expensive ) days of their life?
Yes, there are other review sites but this one is a cut above,
especially from the vendors point of view.
  1. Fewer backend tools and bells and whistles that you don’t use anyway to help you keep your costs low.
  2. Professionals list their pricing and packages using dollar signs to signify a price range. This gives your potential clients what they need without revealing anything specific to your competitors.
  3. Connect all your social media and use it to promote your reviews.
  4. Professionals can respond directly and publicly to all reviews.
  5. Clients can contact you directly through WeddingAdvisor without having to navigate off the site.
Something else that brides look for is information. Wouldn’t you rather they get their information from real wedding vendors like you?
With so much bad information online these days, what you have to say to brides matters more than ever. That is why we give you the opportunity to help create the information that brides and grooms need. The bonus to this is that your content will link to your profile creating great SEO for you.
Your content matters to us,
Thats why we offer:
  1. Guest blog spots *
  2. Tips from the pros that know, You!
  3. Common FAQ's for every service
* Don’t worry if you aren’t a writer, our editors will polish it for you without losing your message.
WeddingAdvisor creates a level playing field for those that serve the wedding industry. We give you the opportunity to be at the top of the search results by the quality of work you do and not by how much money you pay.
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